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Boost the trust of your customers in your brand through a QR that tells the story of your product

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Manage your product catalog from one single tool

Every QR you create will be updated in real time. Even if they are already on the shelves!

In less than 5 minutes and with only 6 clicks

Without web programming you will create stories with images and descriptions. Being transparent has never been so easy!

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Begin to generate transparency

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Valid for any food sector

Meat sector

Complete the story with information on both the animal and its food and conservation.

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Poultry Sector

The feed, the variety of hens and even the location and laying date are data that will provide transparency to your consumer.

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Fish and seafood sector

Add your certifications or nutritional information to complement the information on your label.

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Fruit and vegetable sector

Ideal for prepared products such as fried tomato, ratatouille where the origin of the raw materials is really important for the consumer.

Our awesome features

Frequent questions

There is no cost for the creation of a QR.

If you want to have as many QR as you want, you must be a TRZ Token Holder, you will not need to spend them, being a holder will be enough. To do this, you will need to have a wallet with 10,000 TRZ and press the "Login with metamask" button within the Origin APP.

Yes, QRs generated from Origin will be certified thanks to the technology we are using in Trazable.

No, no payment method is required to use Origin.

No, you can do everything directly by registering with your corporate email. If it is a private account, you must be a holder to access it.